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Welcome to KiteboardFamily.com!

We are the leading website for global windsport destination reviews by, and for, families.  Our website is unique because, in addition to firsthand reports, we collect, organize and link to the key resources that families value.  Our target demographic is specific, growing, and connected; and we can help you access them.

Vacations are investments and families value one anothers’ experience and opinion when it comes to where to spend their time and money. Positive word-of-mouth marketing is rated highest (92% trusted) when it comes from friends and family.

The lead generation that KiteboardFamily.com will provide for your business is the first step in drawing families and their friends into your digital marketing sales funnel. We connect you to high-value customers (see right), creating the opportunity to convert them into loyal returning customers and brand advocates.

What we can do for you

  • 3 months FREE advertising
    • No strings but preference given to businesses who also purchase additional advertising (3,6,12 months)
    • Unsubscribe or update at any time
  • Uncrowded, clean, and always visible ad placement
    • Limit 5 header-level ads on Homepage and 5 on each destination page
    • Ability to purchase multiple ad units.  Own the entire header
    • No unsightly Google AdSense or similar marketing will ever cheapen our site or your brand
  • Targeted marketing directly at high-value demographics
  • You create and control your advertising.  Send us the image and we upload it unedited
  • Flexible payment methods.  In-kind or blended cash/in-kind payments considered when appropriate

Advertising and Marketing

As a new online resource, we want to prove our usefulness and build credibility.  That is why we are offering 3 free months to curious advertisers.  After your first three free months you may choose to continue or not, no strings attached.

The following rates:

  1.  are per standard ad unit on destination pages
  2. in Canadian Dollars
  3. do not include government-required 5% Goods and Services Tax.   In-kind/cash equivalent payment is tax exempt.

Advertisement Rate Calculator

  • 3 months
    • 1 unit – $89  (~$1 per unit per day)
    • 2 units – $159 (~$0.88 per unit per day)
    • 3 units – $219 (~$0.81 per unit per day)
  • 6 months
    • 1 unit – $139 (~$0.76 per day)
    • 2 units – $229 (~$0.63 per unit per day)
    • 3 units – $299 (~$0.55 per unit per day)
  • 12 months
    • 1 unit – $189 (~$0.52 per day)
    • 2 units – $349 (~$0.48 per unit per day)
    • 3 units – $499 (~$0.46 per unit per day)
  • For placement on Homepage header, please email us with your inquiry and we will contact you directly to discuss options.

Sponsorship and Giveaways

We gratefully recognize our sponsors on the website, in our online videos, and in social media.  We proudly feature your products and mention your support whenever possible.  In addition, we are pleased to include your logos and links to your websites where applicable.

Sponsorship can also include visiting your business to experience what you offer to vacationing families.  We believe in advertising transparency and are committed to only reviewing products and services with which we have first hand knowledge.  This way, our kiteboard families can trust in the authenticity of each product or service review.

For more information and to discuss what we can do for your business, please contact us at kiteboardfamily@gmail.com.

Thanks and have a great day,


Owner – KiteboardFamily.com

Amplify Your Advertising

Most advertisements have a 1:1 exposure return.  That is, one person sees the ad and it stops there.  Marketing to families can be a 1:3/4/5… return because one person’s choice often involves the entire family.

Example: Dad sees your ad on our site and enrolls his two kids in your youth kiteboard camp, buys his wife a new harness and board from your online store, and books transportation and accommodation through your preferred providers.

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