Giant Bubble Wand: Perfect for Families on the Move

Hello Kiteboard Families!

When you’re a family on the move, space can be a precious commodity.   You have to balance bringing the right activities to keep your kids engaged with the realities of hauling luggage through airports and train stations.  

When a few extra pounds can end up costing hundreds of dollars in overweight baggage fees, you just need the right toys.

The giant bubble wand is the perfect activity for the travelling family.  It is an easy, super fun, low-cost activity that everyone from babies to Grammies and Grampies can enjoy.  

Top five benefits of Bubble Wands:

  1. Lightweight and compact equipment for travel.
  2. Good in calm or windy weather.
  3. Great for all ages and young kids can do it themselves.
  4. Inexpensive materials that are easy to travel with and/or find at your destination.
  5. Just watch your kids make new friends once the bubbles start to fly!

You can find an impressively in-depth scientific examination of mega-bubble optimization by visiting This is where I poached my basic recipe and the picture above.

Here is what you need:


Pretty much any length, width or quality from branches, to dowling, to broomsticks will be fine.  You could just hold the string in your hands if need to.


Cotton string like bakers twine or narrow gauge braided rope will do.


a)  2L water (8 cups)

b)  ½ cup dish detergent.   Dawn Regular or Pots and Pans supposedly works best.

*Note: studies show that more is NOT better so keep to the recipe.

c)  100ml of regular K-Y (or similar) Jelly.   Yup, you got that right. This is what increases surface tension and makes the bubble wall durable.

*Tip: J Lube is a highly concentrated powder that easily fits into your baggage.  It might also save you from trying to translate “personal lubricant” into Vietnamese.

d)  1 tsp (5ml) baking powder

e)  1 tsp (5ml) corn starch if you can find/bring it.  I don’t think this is a deal breaker but it may help.


Check out this great video from NightHawkInLight showing just how amazing these bubbles can get.

Thanks and have a great day!


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