How to make a kite shelter

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One of the reasons we love kiting is that we can go to the beach with our kids, swim, play, and make great memories.  Sunburns, heat exhaustion, and dehydration can really kill the stoke for you and your kids.  Don’t let these avoidable circumstances keep you off the water; we have a solution.

Some kitebeaches and launches either don’t offer shelter from the sun or get snagged by others.   With this simple method you can take the shade with you wherever you go.   Get a prime spot and get started.

Here are the steps:

  1. Find an older kite (>12m is best)
  2. Inflate to 4-5psi, that is hard but not quite what you need to kite.
  3. Face leading edge into the wind.
  4. Fold the wingtips tips under up to the first strut.
  5. Pile sand on the horizontal tip, lots of sand.
  6. Use bridle to anchor out if wind really picks up.
  7. Et voila!  Instant, dynamic sun shelter that is light and folds down easily.

Learned it from a guy in Maui and it is now our go to for homemade shade in windy places.  Video tutorial coming soon.

Have a great day!


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