Kiteboard Family Travel Tips #1: Tour de Thailand

Hello Kiteboard Families!

I recently reviewed three kite spots in Thailand and thought that I should add these thoughts to the mix.   My travel experience in Thailand was pretty good but just coming off a stellar traverse of Vietnam, I was a little spoiled and I think my reviews reflect that.

Thailand is a great place to visit and if coming from any non-asian country you will be sure to have a very memorable experience.  Although the kiting is Thailand can be quite good, each spot on it’s own might not have the attraction as a kiteboard-only destination.  This is why I would suggest an epic family-road trip to a few different Thai kite spots so see more of the country and experience the unique culture and landscape or each.

Packaging 2-4 spots together for a 10-17 day family adventure would be an incredible way to see Thailand and kite some truly beautiful spots.  I highly recommend putting this one on your “must-go” kiteboard family travel lists.   Be sure to visit the kink for each location for more detailed family-friendly information.

This is my ideal itinerary that I call “Epic Thai Kiteboarding Tour”:

  1. Fly into Bangkok.  Stay a day or two and see the sights.  It is a world-class city with lots to see and do.
  2. Train to Hua Hin.  Spend 3-4 days in the area kiting and getting your bearings.
  3. Travel Hua Hin to Koh Samui and enjoy the island life for 4-5 days.
    1. Take the ferry from Hua Hin to Koh Samui.  It is an 8-9hr voyage and you can take it as a day or overnight trip.  There is no sleeping area so not good for young kids.  Make sure it isn’t anywhere near a full/half moon party or the ferry could be well over capacity.
    2. A better option for families is to book an entire 1st or 2nd class train cabin (4 beds) to yourself.  Much better if you have young kids because you can walk around, get meals, sleep in a bunk, and see more countryside.  The trip duration (~12 hours including bus and ferry transfers) is more reliable than a VIP bus and cheaper/easier than flying the milk run.
  4. Fly Koh Samui to Phuket on one of Bangkok Air’s 5 daily flights.  Spend 5-6+ days around Phuket.
    1. Fast, convenient service and you get to see Thailand from the air.  Don’t have to lose a day of kiting to travel.
    2. You may be getting tired of travel by this point so a flight will be a welcome change from busses and trains.
    3. Don’t eat the sushi in the complementary lounge.  Three months of travel through India, Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand and that was the only time I got sick.  Serves me right.
  5. Book tickets out of Phuket back to your home.
    1. It was cheaper for me to fly from Phuket to Vancouver, Canada then it was to fly from Bangkok, even though there was a stopover there.

So, I hope you find this Kiteboard Family Travel Tip helpful and are inspired to put Thailand on your radar.  It is a fantastic place with lots to offer a family at any stage…and it’s cheap!

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